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Discription Veggie Ninja Beauty Style Free APK Download. Veggie Ninja -Beauty Style is similar to the fruit ninja, but it has 100 level,and more interesting than the fruit ninja ,it is puzzle casual seductive raise spirit amazing game.

Based on the traditional slice fruit type game, you will challenge the 100 different levels of difficulty.
Each level has different models and cross the boundary conditions, a magical double integral, fiery props, frozon props to help you through the game.

Listening to the Gangnam Style music, enjoying the beauty of the seductive sexy to playing beyond fruit ninja pass game, what a pleasure!

You can get gold, beautiful pictures and Gangnam Style music. 100 sexy beauty pictures wating for you.

Gently sweep with your fingers to start! Techniques are as follows:
Some level clear condition: lost vegetables less than three and to challenge scores.
Some level clear condition: to challenge scores within a limited time.
Some level according to a certain order to cut, mistakes will be punished.
Fire props: Increase a lot of vegetables, and leakage cut this time does not matter.
Frozen props: Can be frozen for the time and reduce the speed of vegetables.
Double props: Double score within a certain time.
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The lower-left corner of the main interface music button to turn on or off the background music Gangnam style, the lower left corner of shock vibration function button can be turned on or off.

Updated from time to time, update to the latest version to get the latest beauty.

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