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Discription Machine Screws Drill/Tap Info Free APK Download. Android's first and best drill and tap information app for machine screws with thread sizes, tap drill diameter sizes, clearance holes, STI drill information, & suggested max torques. Handy fraction to decimal drill chart and NPT / NPS pipe thread chart.

No special scroll wheels, great dimension graphic, fast drill chart, accurate - true data from the handbooks for the thread sizes you need.

Great reference for machinists, shops, designers, engineers & at home use.

** Be sure to watch the demo video!

Supported sizes:
English: #0000-160 through 1-1/2-18 (UNC, UNF, UNS, UNEF)
Metric: M0.30x0.08 through M30x1.5 course, fine, and extra fine

United National Coarse (UNC), United National Fine (UNF), United National Extra Fine (UNEF), United National Special (UNS), Metric Course, Metric Fine, Metric Extra Fine.

*** User reviews ***
• Screwed in a good way. Most every screw thread dimensions in my pocket. I really use this app.
• Great app, great support! Developer pushed update (on a holiday no less) to resolve issue with latest and unreleased 4.1 version of android. Awesome!
• Very handy for making threads
• Most comprehensive. Has the most thread sizes, clearance hole and tap drill sizes, and decimal equivalents. This is probably the most versatile app of this type.
• Brilliant. Supports landscape mode for my Asus Transformer. This is one to keep!

** Network Access is for Android Market License and to allow the application to go to the Web for "Support & Info" in the "About" Menu Button.

** App installs to your SD card by default (if present) to move to phone: go to settings, manage applications, select Machine Screws Drill/Tap Info, and select move to phone.

Supports/ 지원/ サポート/ soutient/ поддерживает/ 支持/ apoya/ unterstützt:

- English
- 한국
- 日本
- Français
- Россию
- 中文(台灣)
- 中文(中国)
- Españoles
- Deutsch
- Italiano

Localization support for:
- English
- German
- French
- Spanish
- Russian
- Japanese
- Korean
- Chinese (Taiwan)
- Chinese (China)
- Italian

---Things you should know---
• App developer doesn't participate in the purchase and download process, if you have problems with credit card authorization, charge, double charge, download failures, we have no way to help you, you'll need to check the Google technical help forum.

• Update is always free, Google controls charging and it WILL NOT charge for update.

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