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Discription Dynasty War Free APK Download. PLEASE NOTE: Dynasty War is free to play, but it charges real money for additional in-app contents.

A long time ago, in a war-torn land, the fall of a great empire brought chaos and unrest. The empire was divided into three separate kingdoms that soon declared war against each other, fighting to reclaim the empire and restore its former power and glory. Which of these kingdoms will emerge victorious?

Dynasty War is a strategy game that requires players to build and upgrade their kingdoms as fast and efficiently as possible. Get ready to face invaders from all across the land and engage in epic battles for imperial supremacy. It’s time to claim your rightful place as ruler of the Dynasty War!

Make use of the card system to build an even greater army! Each card represents an officer or general who can lead your soldiers. Cards are classified by rank: S is the highest, followed by ranks A, B, C and D. The higher the rank, the stronger your troops! Take a chance and buy random cards from the store, search for cards in the Recruitment Center, or combine existing cards to get new ones. You can even trade with other players!


• Plan, map out and build your kingdom according to your battle strategy.
• Construct and upgrade your buildings and resource facilities to strengthen your kingdom.
• Expand your kingdom to make room for additional buildings and facilities.
• Recruit and train soldiers to create an army of brave warriors.
• Arrange your troops in various formations, depending on your strategy.
• Engage in PvP combat against fellow online players and fight for the top spot in the overall rankings.
• Invite your friends and allies to visit your kingdom, and help each other.
• Trade produce and goods with other online kingdoms using the Auction House System.

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